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Coon Hunting I started about two years ago with one dog free dog and a five dollar light. Now I have two dogs one trained and ones not and a hundred dollar light.


The first dog I got was a walker and she took off one night when we went hunting, so I got some money and bought a good dog. I sold him because he was old and I whated a younger dog. I friend had a redbone he said he sell me cheap he was old but I needed a dog. Then about a year ago my friend gave me a registered redbone pup and I sold the old dog because he wasn't hunting right. The pup I named hoss. Now I needed a dog to train hoss with I found this old female redbone that this guy was selling cheap because she didn't have any papers. I bought her and she turned out to be a good dog. My pup is a year old now and hes starting to fight coons.

Coon Hunting Stories

When you go coon hunting you don't really know what to expect. You my plan on only being out for an hour or two, but the dogs might what to be out all night. I went hunting one night and I wasn't planning on being gone all night. Well the dogs planned other wise. I was gone for four hours looking for them. I found them treed at the end of a holler on the hillside. That coon weighted about 20pounds.

Caught Out
A buddy and me went hunting one cold winter night. We got to the hunting place and I walked to the edge of the woods. He turned the dogs out and they went off to the right of me. As I stood there I could see the creek in front of me about 60yds away. The moon was just about full and as I watched the creek I saw something run along it and disappeared to the right following the creek. At first I thought it was a dog, but I could hear the dogs to my left runs in the leafs. Then all of the sudden one of the dogs opened up straight in front of me where I saw that thing on the creek. It wasn't long before they all opened up and they headed to the right. I started to listen and it sounded like the dogs where fighting so I headed for them. When I got there they had caught a coon in the creek, but the creek was small and there wasn't any water. They had no trouble with it; it was a young coon. As I thought about I believe that there was another one perhaps a bigger one that got away.

Theres not alot of stuff required to coon hunt. First you need a dog that can tree. Then you need a light I have a 12volt light that I bought off ebay. I work in the beginning but now I'm trying to get a brighter one. Next you need a place to hunt. There are other things like tracking collar, gps, shock collar, fancy dog box, and expensive hunting lights. But you really don't need all that. My tracking collar is my ears, I do have a gps, that because I got it at a yard sale for 20bucks and its brand new. Tracking collars are expensive thats why I don't have one. Dog boxs are not too expensive; I have a fiberglass one that someone gave me it works for me. You really just need a dog and a good place to hunt. A good place to hunt is hard to find any more. I would suggest a place that has a creek or some type of water supply and lots of woods.

More Hunting Stories

Skunked Out

Well you probably know what this is about. I was hunting one night with this old redbone male. He was getting old and was hunting right. I turned him out and he went in the woods then came back. Well he had been doing this to me for sometime now. So I walked him on up into the woods. We came to a clearing and he bolted out into the clearing and then came running back. He dropped to the ground beside me and start to roll around. As I watched him I started to smell skunk so I grab him. Well I soon realized that he had been sprayed. I guess he ran up into the behind of one and it got him. I had that smell on my hands for days and I had to put Clorox on the collar to get the smell of it. The smell finally went away on the dog.

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