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Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting
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Coyote Hunting I just started and Its hard to call them in, but I'm having fun.


You can hunt coyotes any time of the day, but I would say that the early morning or evening is the best. I live in Tennessee and the best time to go that I have found is around an hour or two before sunset and hunt till about 12 or 1am. The best thing is to get in a tree stand. Where you know there are coyotes, then wait awhile and start calling. Coyotes tend to travel up trails so keep your eye on trails around you. Also be aware of the wind if coyotes smell you they will run. Other animals are go indicaters that coyotes are near. Cows start making noise, crows tend to harass coyotes, deer run away from them, and any other animal they don't like coyotes.

Maybe this help you with coyote hunting.

The site all about coon and coyote hunting.